One Heart and Soul

Christian Community – Series Intro

An intro to a series of shorts on intentional Christian community.

One Heart and Soul – Mick’s Community Story

Mick talks about his life in Christian community, from an early desire to follow the teachings of Jesus through to now living with people from all walks of life.

The Norwich Crew’s Community Story

Jake, Esme, Ivy, Becky, and Perry from a Jesus Fellowship community house in Norwich give their thoughts on what it’s like living there.

One Heart and Soul – Ralph’s Community Story

Ralph talks about his life story, from a childhood of communism, going to Church to “rescue” a friend, and through to providing hope and security to many different people.

One Heart and Soul – Didier’s Community Story

Didier talks about his life story, from growing up in Africa, a time homeless on the streets of London, finding Jesus, and through to living in Christian community.

One Heart and Soul – Thea’s Community Story

Thea talks about the fulfillment she has found living in New Creation Christian Community with the Jesus Fellowship.