Video series:

One Heart and Soul

Church: Steeple or People?

Heaven on Earth

God’s heart is to bring heaven to earth. He does this through us, through community.

Celibacy: Why? Why Not? (short version)

Why do some Christian men and women choose to stay single for God?

A trailer for the Jesus Army DVD “Celibacy: Why? Why not?”

New Creation Farm – The View From Above

In picturesque Northamptonshire countryside people from all over the country come. This is our ‘New Creation Farm’, where there are orchards, forests, cattle farming, and other businesses as well as a Christian community house.

Once a year everyone gathers for “The Big Pick” – up to 300 people from all walks of life help out by picking apples. This video gives a slightly different view on what goes on here.

Seasons – Life in Community

A look at life in Christian community as filmed by members of the Jesus Fellowship throughout the four seasons of 2011.

Living in Community – The Movie

During the years 2013 and 2014 a group of film makers visited nine different Christian communities in Switzerland and England, including ours, the New Creation Christian Community. They gained insight into these communities and were able to capture statements from the people living that way.

This movie motivates and challenges the viewer to reflect upon the topic of living in community.