My life changed in the dock: Paul Jessop’s Story

26th August 2015
I WAS quite a way through an 11-year prison sentence. I sat in my cell, doing a lot of reading and thinking. “Who am I?” I thought. I needed to understand myself, to know why I did bad things and I began to write a journal about my life. Out of the blue, I began […]

Janie’s 40 year journey into community

8th May 2015
“WHEN I was little, I was quite ill and spent lots of time in hospital. One day my mother said, ‘Only Jesus can help you,’ and as a child I replied emphatically, ‘Yes!’” Janie had a series of operations and, after one of them, the doctor commented, “This has worked out much better than I […]

What is Community?: Gill Bayliss

26th July 2013
YOUR husband was a well-paid engineer. What made you move into community, share a common purse and adopt a relatively simple lifestyle? God! The call of God and nothing else. I would never have chosen it otherwise! I believe the call to community was closely linked to the baptism of the Holy Spirit I’d received […]

What is Community?: Jenny Priestley

4th June 2012
WHAT’S the craziest thing you’ve ever done for Jesus? A group of us from London and some from Northampton used to go to a nightclub called “Heaven” which was anything but heaven! We went on Thursday nights and washed people’s feet; it was a bit of a New Age scene at that club back in […]

What is Community?: Chris Gilbert

29th January 2012
WHAT DO you say if someone from the Blackthorn estate asks, “What’s life all about?” Life is about taking hold of Jesus’ example, looking at how He lived and working it out today. It’s about expressing God’s love to the people we meet and reconnecting people back to God. You’ve made a vow to be […]

Huge heart for people: tribute for a pioneer

26th January 2011
“MUM WOULD loathe to be remembered as a kind old lady and rather be thought of as a trail-blazing rebel.” Selina’s daughter’s words at her mother’s Thanksgiving Service in October spoke volumes. Selina was, nevertheless, renowned for her kindness, too. “She was a woman of true integrity who you could trust with your innermost thoughts […]
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