Unconsuming the consumer

18th May 2009
THE PRESENT credit crunch has forced many people to think again about how they live and what they spend – and to re-assess what they could do without and how to live more simply. More than 30 years ago, at the same time as God was leading our church to establish New Creation Christian Community, […]

Looking back

20th January 2006
It would be difficult to say when we first became a 'community'. At the time, most of us would have said it started in 1974, when several members of the church sold their own houses and moved to live together in larger houses. Looking back, however, it seems more realistic to recognise the growing spirit […]

Christian Community

9th October 2004
NEW Creation Christian Community was birthed in the 1970s. Some of us had been baptised in the Spirit, were moving in new spiritual discoveries, and had begun to understand the nature of a truly New Testament church. We were enthused by the Spirit to follow the teachings of Jesus without attempting to dilute them in any […]
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