‘Servants of Jesus’ Christian Community in Australia

9th May 2013
JOE CHIRCOP, the founder of Servants of Jesus Community, describes himself as a conservative Catholic who was seeking an encounter with God.  Yet, in his own words, he had, “no encounter with the fire of God.” “I was a good, religious person. I did everything but I had little power to change. In 1973 I […]

Some astounding news

12th September 2012
SACK living for the old, normal, natural things. The comfortable things. The predictable. Sack living a this-is-how-it’s-always-been kind of life. An everyone-else-does-it-so-it-must-be-the-way-to-go kind of life. A norms-of-society-don’t-rock-the-boat-live-a-decent-life-get-a-job-have-a-family-buy-a-house-with-a-nice-little-dog-two-cars-and-a-beautifully-paved-drive-all-nicely-placed-in-the-middle-of-the-road kind of life. Sack that! Living for Jesus is about the never-seen-before, not the always-been-there; it’s a journey of discovery into what’s on its way, what’s coming in, […]

Community checklist

26th May 2009
THERE’S no “formula” for successful Christian community, but here are 10 principles that we’ve found to be vital for health and fruitfulness.   SHARED HEARTS: BE TRULY JOINED TOGETHER Share vision, be joined together through love for Jesus and nurture a shared desire to build His church. The sense of loyalty should run deep: one […]

I am, we are

27th January 2009
WHY AM I this “I”, and not any of the billions who have lived and died before, or who live other lives now? I could have been one of the eight million Chinese who died building the Great Wall. Or an 18-year-old Tommy who went over the top at the Somme and died on the […]

A place to recharge

17th June 2007
“I WILL have to admit that I did find it a bit frustrating that nobody seemed to want me. Me: 52 years of age, willing and able and not lazy either. But I suppose people couldn’t know that. What am I talking about? I was on the lookout for a suitable place to find peace […]

Not for the fat cats

11th January 2007
SHAUN recognised the distinctive red cross in the prison visiting room. He was visiting a mate inside and hadn’t expected to see someone from the Jesus Army there. Arthur, from one of the Jesus Fellowship’s community houses, was also visiting a friend. Shaun had been homeless for some time, living on a hill in his […]
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