‘Servants of Jesus’ Christian Community in Australia

9th May 2013
JOE CHIRCOP, the founder of Servants of Jesus Community, describes himself as a conservative Catholic who was seeking an encounter with God.  Yet, in his own words, he had, “no encounter with the fire of God.” “I was a good, religious person. I did everything but I had little power to change. In 1973 I […]

Silence please

22nd January 2011
SILENCE. Along with stillness and solitude, silence is a vital ingredient of the Christian life. (I’d say it’s a vital ingredient to any healthy human living, but that’s quite a claim so I’ll leave it in parenthesis.) Silence has been coming up again recently. I keep bumping into it. Is it the influence of The […]

Multiplication: the cell group secret of growth

27th September 2008
“I started a cell group about two months ago. We meet at the home of an African woman called Regine. We invited a mum and her two teenage daughters and the first group was good even though we were nervous. And the next week we had two new people come along, which was encouraging. We all felt the Spirit […]
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