An Antidote to Consumerism: Simplicity

3rd April 2015
There is a growing interest in Christian community living. Online, there are definite signs that Christians are reaching out for particular strands which, together, make up community. One of these is sustainability: the belief that there are enough resources on earth to provide for its population, if only these resources could be used wisely and […]

The Poor

20th September 2010
POOR old Poor little Poor dear thing Poor show Poor me Poorly feeling Rich cake Rich stew Rich an’ famous Rags to riches That’s rich, that is Keep up with the Joneses Blind rich Stinking rich Sinking while they sing on Blessed poor Simple poor Theirs is the kingdom.

Love is always relevant

25th January 2008
IF YOU want to sell a house in St Ann’s or are looking for a job you give the neighbouring, more up market district, Mapperley, as your postal address. The public’s perception of St Ann’s is, in fact, based on quite distorted impressions.  Despite its reputation I love living in St Ann’s and working there […]
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