Community Hurts. It’s Worth It.

16th May 2014
IN TRUE community we give our lives for each other. Does it hurt? Yes. Am I afraid? Yes. Am I comfortable? No. It’s a long and hard journey but, still, I want to give my life. The church is a family which cares for and sticks with each other, not just an organisation. Paul writes: […]

What is Community?: Olivia Scott

14th September 2012
WHY do you live on this estate when you could live in a nice country house? Don’t rub it in! Sometimes the constant smell of weed and the barrage of bad language can get too much. On days like that I would love to live in a nice country house with a proper garden! But […]

Huge heart for people: tribute for a pioneer

26th January 2011
“MUM WOULD loathe to be remembered as a kind old lady and rather be thought of as a trail-blazing rebel.” Selina’s daughter’s words at her mother’s Thanksgiving Service in October spoke volumes. Selina was, nevertheless, renowned for her kindness, too. “She was a woman of true integrity who you could trust with your innermost thoughts […]

Clichés aside, love changes everything

29th September 2010
SOME OF our church leaders met together for a meal and a catch-up; a chance to talk about how we felt things were going. As we shared, it became clear that a number of us were finding life uphill. The atmosphere steadily became gloomy. Picking fish bones out of my mouth, listening to shared woes, […]

Love is always relevant

25th January 2008
IF YOU want to sell a house in St Ann’s or are looking for a job you give the neighbouring, more up market district, Mapperley, as your postal address. The public’s perception of St Ann’s is, in fact, based on quite distorted impressions.  Despite its reputation I love living in St Ann’s and working there […]

Looking back

20th January 2006
It would be difficult to say when we first became a 'community'. At the time, most of us would have said it started in 1974, when several members of the church sold their own houses and moved to live together in larger houses. Looking back, however, it seems more realistic to recognise the growing spirit […]
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