An Antidote to Consumerism: Simplicity

3rd April 2015
There is a growing interest in Christian community living. Online, there are definite signs that Christians are reaching out for particular strands which, together, make up community. One of these is sustainability: the belief that there are enough resources on earth to provide for its population, if only these resources could be used wisely and […]

Talking to Phil Stone of the Scargill Community

9th January 2015
Phil, it’s a beautiful part of the world, here in the Yorkshire Dales! How many people live as part of the Scargill community? About thirty of us. A mixture of nationalities and from all types of church backgrounds. One of our chaplains is an ordained Baptist, a Vineyard pastor, and was brought up as a […]

Christian Community

9th October 2004
NEW Creation Christian Community was birthed in the 1970s. Some of us had been baptised in the Spirit, were moving in new spiritual discoveries, and had begun to understand the nature of a truly New Testament church. We were enthused by the Spirit to follow the teachings of Jesus without attempting to dilute them in any […]
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