What Is Community and Where Does It Come From?

21st February 2019

“Community” has become a bit of a buzzword. What is it, why do we need it and how can we find true community? Julia Faire writes.

“Excuse me, can you tell me what does the word ‘Community’ mean?” Doubtless, if we were to walk along our local high street and, at random, ask a range of people what the word ‘community’ means, we w[...]

Clichés aside, love changes everything

29th September 2010
SOME OF our church leaders met together for a meal and a catch-up; a chance to talk about how we felt things were going. As we shared, it became clear that a number of us were finding life uphill. The atmosphere steadily became gloomy. Picking fish bones out of my mouth, listening to shared woes, […]

The lawyer, the dealer and the serial clothes stealer

28th July 2010
MOST people have something to give up when entering Christian community. It could be sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. It could be SKY sport. Most people have a fear they have to face. Sharing a room. Lack of a particular brand of hair conditioner ( “Pantene phobia” – common among females). Me? My fear […]

Celibacy = love

28th September 2009
WHEN Lesley Cutts made a vow of life-long celibacy in 1984, she knew that one of her main reasons for choosing such a lifestyle was availability. “As a celibate, I can be available not only to God, but to people around me,” explains Lesley. “Because I can be completely committed to people, I am more […]

Community checklist

26th May 2009
THERE’S no “formula” for successful Christian community, but here are 10 principles that we’ve found to be vital for health and fruitfulness.   SHARED HEARTS: BE TRULY JOINED TOGETHER Share vision, be joined together through love for Jesus and nurture a shared desire to build His church. The sense of loyalty should run deep: one […]

In for the long haul

11th January 2009
LIONEL ORCHARD has been living in New Creation Christian Community for 34 years. He loves to express his heart through poetry; when asked how he’s managed to stay faithful through all the years, he sums it up in one of his own poems: “If it was left to me I’d find the way distinctly tough, […]
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