Cosy Communities

26th September 2016
MY girlfriend Sarah and I recently had a debate concerning furnishings and design. I argued that Christians who live simply shouldn’t care about such things but try to live in a house, no matter what it looks like. Sarah, on the contrary, said that even God cares about aesthetics, that beauty doesn’t have to be […]

Community Hurts. It’s Worth It.

16th May 2014
IN TRUE community we give our lives for each other. Does it hurt? Yes. Am I afraid? Yes. Am I comfortable? No. It’s a long and hard journey but, still, I want to give my life. The church is a family which cares for and sticks with each other, not just an organisation. Paul writes: […]

What is Community?: Olivia Scott

14th September 2012
WHY do you live on this estate when you could live in a nice country house? Don’t rub it in! Sometimes the constant smell of weed and the barrage of bad language can get too much. On days like that I would love to live in a nice country house with a proper garden! But […]

Multiplication: the cell group secret of growth

27th September 2008
“I started a cell group about two months ago. We meet at the home of an African woman called Regine. We invited a mum and her two teenage daughters and the first group was good even though we were nervous. And the next week we had two new people come along, which was encouraging. We all felt the Spirit […]

One big family

19th May 2006
ATMOSPHERES like these can only be generated by a people being truly “together”. Without TV and other distractions, personalities can grow and fit together as comfortably as old shoes – it makes for a loving family where friends and strangers alike can come and find their place. “NARROW WAY” IN LEICESTER “A friendly face answers […]

Built together: dream home

19th May 2006
WHEN Olivia Campbell agreed to marry Stevo Scott she knew that would mean marrying his other woman as well: but she was quite happy – in fact it was what Olivia wanted. Sounds weird? It’s just that Stevo has a love affair with Briar Hill – a rundown area of Northampton. A couple of years […]
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