Janie’s 40 year journey into community

8th May 2015
“WHEN I was little, I was quite ill and spent lots of time in hospital. One day my mother said, ‘Only Jesus can help you,’ and as a child I replied emphatically, ‘Yes!’” Janie had a series of operations and, after one of them, the doctor commented, “This has worked out much better than I […]

Built together: Faith of our fathers

24th May 2006
DAVE LEE sat in the church pew and listened as his father preached a sermon on ‘the faith of my father and my father’s father before him.’ “I was fifteen,” Dave explains. “Listening to Dad, I found myself thinking: ‘If your faith is your grandfather’s and your father’s faith then it’s a second-hand faith and […]

Christian Community

9th October 2004
NEW Creation Christian Community was birthed in the 1970s. Some of us had been baptised in the Spirit, were moving in new spiritual discoveries, and had begun to understand the nature of a truly New Testament church. We were enthused by the Spirit to follow the teachings of Jesus without attempting to dilute them in any […]
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