A fresh look for a fresh community

15th September 2017

See here for part 1 and part 3.

The New Creation Christian Community began in 1974 – over 40 years ago. We are taking a careful look at our life together. What needs t[...]

Francis Schaeffer and the L’abri community

26th May 2017
TELL us about Francis, who was he? He was an American pastor, who was sent by his Presbyterian church to Switzerland to work with young people. When his own daughters went to university, they brought people back for the weekend. Schaeffer was always generous at the table and naturally, people asked if they could stay […]

A Book Packed with Community Inspiration

10th March 2017
IT was with great surprise that I opened Called to Community to find that the first chapter was written by Fjodor Dostojevskij; an excerpt from The Brothers Karamazov about how heaven is realised when we reject individualism. This turned out to be a great introduction to such a diverse collection of articles about community life. […]

Cosy Communities

26th September 2016
MY girlfriend Sarah and I recently had a debate concerning furnishings and design. I argued that Christians who live simply shouldn’t care about such things but try to live in a house, no matter what it looks like. Sarah, on the contrary, said that even God cares about aesthetics, that beauty doesn’t have to be […]

Why I’m Doing a Training Year

12th August 2016
“I’ve never viewed Pentecost as a mistake. The first time I read the remarkable account in Acts 2 of how the Holy Spirit filled Jesus’ disciples with miraculous power so that they could speak other languages; how Peter’s passionate sermon resulted in 3,000 receiving Jesus; how all the disciples then had everything in common so […]

Talking to Phil Stone of the Scargill Community

9th January 2015
Phil, it’s a beautiful part of the world, here in the Yorkshire Dales! How many people live as part of the Scargill community? About thirty of us. A mixture of nationalities and from all types of church backgrounds. One of our chaplains is an ordained Baptist, a Vineyard pastor, and was brought up as a […]
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