What does community look like?

22nd September 2017

See here for part 1 and part 2.

It is very apparent that Paul was an advocate of community but he wasn’t into cloning. The communities he founded were unlike the first Jerusalem chur[...]

Just four questions: Ian Jolley

5th February 2016
What has been the most formative period of your life? I’ve lived in Christian community for 36 years and living in community has made me the person I am. My most formative years have to be when I lived at Anchorage, a community house in Birmingham which opened in 1983. I was in my early […]

‘Servants of Jesus’ Christian Community in Australia

9th May 2013
JOE CHIRCOP, the founder of Servants of Jesus Community, describes himself as a conservative Catholic who was seeking an encounter with God.  Yet, in his own words, he had, “no encounter with the fire of God.” “I was a good, religious person. I did everything but I had little power to change. In 1973 I […]

Following Jesus in a consumer culture

27th May 2009
I AM committed to encouraging fresh expressions of Church and evangelism for the 21st century. So are many others. But the question is, what kind of discipleship are we bringing people into? We live in a society where shopping is a picture of life. We shop for identity, not just for things. We buy into […]

Multiplication: the cell group secret of growth

27th September 2008
“I started a cell group about two months ago. We meet at the home of an African woman called Regine. We invited a mum and her two teenage daughters and the first group was good even though we were nervous. And the next week we had two new people come along, which was encouraging. We all felt the Spirit […]

A place to recharge

17th June 2007
“I WILL have to admit that I did find it a bit frustrating that nobody seemed to want me. Me: 52 years of age, willing and able and not lazy either. But I suppose people couldn’t know that. What am I talking about? I was on the lookout for a suitable place to find peace […]
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