Mike Pilavachi on celibacy

8th April 2016
MIKE Pilavachi is the co-founder and leader of Soul Survivor, a Christian charity which oversees Christian events for young people. He is also Senior Pastor of the Soul Survivor Watford church in the UK. Mike is single. Here are some of the things he has said about the gift of celibacy:* “Why don’t we be […]

Just four questions: Ian Jolley

5th February 2016
What has been the most formative period of your life? I’ve lived in Christian community for 36 years and living in community has made me the person I am. My most formative years have to be when I lived at Anchorage, a community house in Birmingham which opened in 1983. I was in my early […]

To Celibacy!

11th February 2015
AS I related in a recent post, I made a vow, six years ago, to be celibate. I invited a hundred friends and family together for the ceremony. Friends did a skit about my journey out of the closet, Jesse sang Orphan Girl, Dan sang If it Be Your Will, Debbie preached from Scripture and […]

Community, celibacy and mission in Milton Keynes

19th March 2014
This post is a revised version of one that appeared on the Undivided blog this month. “FOR A long time, we’d been doing some outreach in Milton Keynes. This involved taking part in local-led community events such as fun days held on local council estates. All of us had a hunger to do more and […]

What is Community?: Chris Gilbert

29th January 2012
WHAT DO you say if someone from the Blackthorn estate asks, “What’s life all about?” Life is about taking hold of Jesus’ example, looking at how He lived and working it out today. It’s about expressing God’s love to the people we meet and reconnecting people back to God. You’ve made a vow to be […]

Huge heart for people: tribute for a pioneer

26th January 2011
“MUM WOULD loathe to be remembered as a kind old lady and rather be thought of as a trail-blazing rebel.” Selina’s daughter’s words at her mother’s Thanksgiving Service in October spoke volumes. Selina was, nevertheless, renowned for her kindness, too. “She was a woman of true integrity who you could trust with your innermost thoughts […]
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