Enabling Community in the Future – Questionnaire


The Trustees of the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust (JFCT) invite residents of New Creation Christian Community (NCCC), members of the wider Jesus Fellowship Church (JFC) and other supporters of the Church and Community to comment on the proposals below, which were presented at the Members’ day in September 2018.

These proposals were contained in a discussion paper entitled ‘Proposals for Transformational Change of New Creation Christian Community.’

If you would like to see a copy of this document please email jfct@nulljesus.org.uk

Why do we need your feedback?

The Trustees of JFCT want to know whether these proposals are understood and supported. We also want to hear people’s thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

If there is support for these proposals, they could be developed with a view to making them a reality. Doing this would involve considerable effort and probably significant expense – as the Trustees will need to take legal and financial advice. There would be no point in doing this if the members of the Community didn’t support the proposals at all.

However, if the proposals were generally supported, then the Trustees would submit potential changes to the Trust Deed to the members of the Trust, who would need to approve them by voting. We would aim for the proposed changes to be ready for discussion at the next members’ meeting. Voting on the changes would take place a short while afterwards, so that Trust members have sufficient time to pray and reflect on the issues.

Why are we inviting responses from people outside NCCC?

The Trustees have opened this questionnaire up to all JFC members and supporters. This is because we value their input, we know that NCCC is important to them and we all are part of the wider Jesus Fellowship church-community. Transformation in the Community affects many people, and we want to hear everyone’s views. Only current full members of the Trust, however, will have a vote on any changes to the Trust Deed.

This questionnaire is important and the results from it may help shape our future. But this is not the moment of decision: this is the time to make your views known.

You are free to provide your name, or to reply anonymously. However, if you are a member of a Church Household please do provide the Household name.

Thank you for participating. If you have any questions you can email them to jfct@nulljesus.org.uk or call the Community Enabling Team office on 01327 344588

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