We have pioneered co-operative Christian businesses which provide paid employment for many members, including a good number who were previously unemployed. In keeping with our radical ethos of equality every employee is paid the same wage.

These ‘Kingdom businesses’ are owned and controlled by the community through Trustees. We see employment in the businesses as a spiritual ministry, offering brotherhood, discipleship and in some cases rehabilitation to those who work for them. For some, it is the first job they have ever held down. The businesses also offer good service combined with Christian testimony to their customers.

‘House of Goodness Ltd’ business ethos and values

In the bible it says “The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart, and a good conscience and a sincere faith” (1 Timothy 1:5). At House of Goodness Ltd we aim to put this into action in our working lives.

1. Love

To show respect, kindness and care for one another. To value people and the planet. To support compassionate and social causes, Christian ministry and mission.

2. A Pure Heart

Being straightforward in our business dealings on every level, with both suppliers and customers. Our business ethic is: to be transparent, fair, and hard working. We will be the best we can in every situation.

3. A Good Conscience

No double crossing, back-biting, short changing anyone in any way; looking out for each other’s good with integrity. To be always honest and truthful. To personally, and as a company, give of the best we have, for our customers, the company and each other, where necessary going the extra mile, when necessary willing to make personal sacrifices for the corporate good. Investing in and being patient with each other.

4. A Sincere Faith

To work together under New Testament Christian principles of love and good works, kindness, humility, compassion, generosity and positivity. To be of a robust, mature character when difficulties at work may arise. As a company we endeavour to offer financial support for charitable causes.

Read Not For The Fat Cats, an article by Neil Jarratt on the vision and practice of “kingdom employment”.

These are some of the businesses we have set up over the years:

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