The Call to a Christian Community Lifestyle

A brief illustrated outline of the history and practice of Christian community, based on the experience of the Jesus Fellowship over the past 25 years.

The New Creation Christian Community is only one part of the Jesus Fellowship Church as a whole. Many Church members who are not part of the Community also take steps to live more shared and accountable lives, often including the area of their finances.

Some try to buy or rent houses in the same street as other families, so they can operate a ‘neighbourhood community’ model, with a fair degree of sharing.
From ‘Our Story’

Coming to the 20th century we find a whole range of Christian community models (including traditional Roman Catholic and Anglican communities) in all continents. Communist China saw the Jesus Family.

Germany spawned the Bruderhof, which still exists in England and the USA… America has produced the Community of Celebration, Reba Place, JPUSA (Jesus People USA) and a host of other smaller communities.
From ‘Communities in History’

Christian Community is certainly back on the agenda. It’s part of a prophetic movement in our land today.

Let’s learn more deeply what it means to ‘love one another earnestly from the heart.’

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