Celibacy = love

Sep 28, 2009

WHEN Lesley Cutts made a vow of life-long celibacy in 1984, she knew that one of her main reasons for choosing such a lifestyle was availability.

“As a celibate, I can be available not only to God, but to people around me,” explains Lesley.

“Because I can be completely committed to people, I am more willing to love beyond limitations.”

Although celibacy isn’t always “plain sailing”, Lesley sees it as an adventure – one that she’s exploring not on her own, but alongside many different people…

Here, some of them share the difference Lesley’s availability has made in their lives…


“I’ve found Lesley an incredibly loyal friend: she’s always giving to other people. I also admire the way she lives her life, so completely for the church and for God.” 

– Amanda


“I’ve known Lesley all my life and she has encouraged me so much in my walk with God. I really admire her!”

– Joy


“Lesley is always willing to learn, willing to try new things; she’s deep in the Lord and has her heart in His kingdom. And she’s a very good artist: creative, imaginative.”

– Victor


“Lesley was my boss – and quickly became my great buddy. We both love Jesus, nature, art and people so there’s a lot to talk about. We enjoy getting inspired together and having a good laugh.”

– Jenny


“When I was a new Christian, I went to university at the same time as Lesley and she really helped me through all the pitfalls there.”

– Helen


“Lesley helps me understand things. She is always a listening ear.”

– Andrew


“Lesley has seen me through many crazy times in my life and is always so confident and reassuring. She also has amazing amounts of wisdom.”

– Grace



She is always available when your head is in a mess. It’s great to share happy times with her. Lesley can make people feel like they matter.”

– Karen


“Lesley is fun. She’s good to be with, she’s normal. We’ve gone through things together and so it’s a deep relationship.”

– Hilary