What is Community?: Chris Gilbert

Jan 29, 2012

WHAT DO you say if someone from the Blackthorn estate asks, “What’s life all about?”

Life is about taking hold of Jesus’ example, looking at how He lived and working it out today. It’s about expressing God’s love to the people we meet and reconnecting people back to God.

You’ve made a vow to be single all your life. What’s that all about?

In today’s increasingly busy society being single seems the best way to give all of myself to God and His Church. I’m totally available to serve and give to the people we meet.

You say “we” a lot. Tell me about “House of Miracles”.

At House of Miracles we want to demonstrate and show practical Christianity. Not an aloof, “sitting-in-church-pews-style” church. We like to hang around with the people and for the people. People from the estate often come round to our house because they know we’ll help them. They’re part of our everyday life; they’re on our doorstep. Whether it’s helping them move house or making up food parcels we want to be there for them.

What’s your dream?

I’d like to see a church relevant to today’s needs, able to meet these with God’s solutions. I’d like to see the church becoming the place with the answers people are looking for – never judgemental, but a place of welcome, a sanctuary for every kind of person.