Just four questions: Ian Jolley

5th February 2016
What has been the most formative period of your life? I’ve lived in Christian community for 36 years and living in community has made me the person I am. My most formative years have to be when I lived at Anchorage, a community house in Birmingham which opened in 1983. I was in my early […]

Talking to Phil Stone of the Scargill Community

9th January 2015
Phil, it’s a beautiful part of the world, here in the Yorkshire Dales! How many people live as part of the Scargill community? About thirty of us. A mixture of nationalities and from all types of church backgrounds. One of our chaplains is an ordained Baptist, a Vineyard pastor, and was brought up as a […]

Community, celibacy and mission in Milton Keynes

19th March 2014
This post is a revised version of one that appeared on the Undivided blog this month. “FOR A long time, we’d been doing some outreach in Milton Keynes. This involved taking part in local-led community events such as fun days held on local council estates. All of us had a hunger to do more and […]

What is Community?: Gill Bayliss

26th July 2013
YOUR husband was a well-paid engineer. What made you move into community, share a common purse and adopt a relatively simple lifestyle? God! The call of God and nothing else. I would never have chosen it otherwise! I believe the call to community was closely linked to the baptism of the Holy Spirit I’d received […]

What is Community?: Olivia Scott

14th September 2012
WHY do you live on this estate when you could live in a nice country house? Don’t rub it in! Sometimes the constant smell of weed and the barrage of bad language can get too much. On days like that I would love to live in a nice country house with a proper garden! But […]

What is Community?: Jenny Priestley

4th June 2012
WHAT’S the craziest thing you’ve ever done for Jesus? A group of us from London and some from Northampton used to go to a nightclub called “Heaven” which was anything but heaven! We went on Thursday nights and washed people’s feet; it was a bit of a New Age scene at that club back in […]
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