Multiplication: the cell group secret of growth

Sep 27, 2008

“I started a cell group about two months ago. We meet at the home of an African woman called Regine. We invited a mum and her two teenage daughters and the first group was good even though we were nervous. And the next week we had two new people come along, which was encouraging. We all felt the Spirit moving – it was quite electric.

It’s all rather interesting, as I have always found leading a group difficult, but I have surrendered it to God, and He has really helped me. We have always started with worship, which has been so helpful; it brings the right atmosphere.

The second week of our new cell group gave me the opportunity to be with Regine the “hostess” on my own to find out her heart in it all. We both realised that we longed for the same things in God, and we prayed a lot about the group together.”

Sandy Pemberton


“Our cell group started because a couple of women started a coffee morning: they made lots of friends through it. Some of these people came along to a ‘New Friends Course’ (a course that explains our basic Christian beliefs). Our cell group sprung from this. (And those women still hold their coffee mornings!)

Two members of our cell group have been baptised this year. We meet at a church member’s house, which is good because it means we can include everyone; everyone can take part!”

Laurence Cooper


“At first our cell group consisted of just me and my wife, Janet! We went around the local area praying.

Not long after, someone we knew moved to the area and so there were three of us in the cell group. Since then we’ve grown to 14 members.

This year our cell group divided twice: firstly three men formed a new group; secondly my wife Janet left to form a women’s group – more of a nurturing group  as some of the girls are quite young.

We take it in turn to lead the group so everyone can contribute.”

Kevin Piper