In for the long haul

Jan 11, 2009

LIONEL ORCHARD has been living in New Creation Christian Community for 34 years. He loves to express his heart through poetry; when asked how he’s managed to stay faithful through all the years, he sums it up in one of his own poems:

“If it was left to me I’d find the way distinctly tough,
By no means could I cope with it, ’twould be more than enough,
To think that I could hold His hand, why, that could never be,
It’s not my weak, frail hold of Him, it’s His mighty grasp of me.”


Wim de Rijk has been living in Christian community for 27 years. He says that what has kept him faithful are the deep friendships he has formed: “I have people whom I love and I know love me. Staying faithful is staying true to them. Having a strong awareness of God’s calling on my life has rooted me. I have found that pushing through the difficult times gives way again to new opportunities for deeper growth. These times have proved God’s faithfulness to us and His determination to bless. Without faithful people the church will crumble. Faithfulness is an important ingredient in creating stability for other to build on.”


Cyril and Phyllis Lloyd have been in the church for 34 years. The beauty of God’s kingdom, demonstrated through deep brotherhood and service, has remained deep in their hearts over the years. Cyril says: “To me, being loyal means not wanting the church to be damaged in any way. We must own the church and have deep care towards her, guarding her from the things that will spoil her, especially disloyalty in ourselves.”

Phyllis echoes her husband’s heart and says: “The love of the brotherhood is very important, but it is my relationship with God which anchors me. Through the many trials, I find God gives me the grace to keep going.” Phyllis keeps her faith strong and her vision clear by constantly giving to people through her ministry of healing and welcoming.


Maggie Stokell, who has been living in Christian Community for 24 years, says it is the sure calling from God that has kept her faithful over the years: “Having a respect and awe for His call on my life keeps me obedient.”

She feels it is important to be rooted in Him, not being affected by the ups and downs of others: “I have also found openness and honesty help to work through difficulties. By being faithful you become a foundational person for others to build on. Knowing the support of the brotherhood is great, but you have to be there for them, too.”

Maggie sees faithfulness as a quality that opposes selfishness: “Naturally it is easy to give up when things get tough, but staying faithful produces strength of character that will see you through. And, anyway,” she adds, “Jesus is worth living for 100 per cent – all of your life.”