About New Creation Christian Community

And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.
(Acts 2:44-45)


Community in all its forms reflects God’s heart for humanity.

New Creation Christian Community is a network of communal houses across the UK.

The early church in Acts and the example of Jesus’ life, inspired us to live in community. The Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit also shows us the importance of living in unity together. Christian community is an extended family of people from all backgrounds, working out our faith together.

It all began in a teapot. Our first ‘common purse’ started as a voluntary experiment in 1974, with the shared cash kept in a large teapot. A year later, the first official common purse, into which all residents pooled all personal incomings, was set up at New Creation Hall, Bugbrooke – the first house of our fledgling intentional Christian Community.

Some of the members of the Jesus Fellowship church live in Christian Community in large and small houses around the UK. Each community house consists of anything between three and 20 people, who live as a large ‘family’, from houses on council estates to larger houses in the countryside. As well as living together, community members share all personal and household expenses, with some pooling all income as they desire.

Some of the houses act as a ‘hub’ of local Jesus Fellowship church groups, which include both community residents and non-resident church members. As well as being a home for community members the houses also provide a space for some of our weekly church meetings.

Visitors are welcome to stay on a temporary basis for up to a year. Apart from a modest board and lodging charge for stays of more than one week, visitor’s incomes are at their disposal.

For details of our safeguarding procedures for children and adults in need of care and support read our NCCC safeguarding contact details.


Community in all its forms is God’s heart for humanity. We made this video as a little illustration of God’s heart to bring heaven to earth through His people, demonstrating His kingdom to the whole world:

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